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About Us

3D Dental Design (previously Alan Howkins Dental Ceramics) has been established since 1983 and specialises in high quality ceramic restorations. We strive for perfection using the highest quality materials; this is reflected in a single tooth crown to the most complex full mouth rehabilitation cases.

Our work includes all types of cosmetic prosthesis:

  • Implant reconstructions
  • Emax restorations
  • Zirconia crowns, bridges and full reconstructions

We use the latest digital technology to ensure the highest accuracy and fastest turn around for you and your clients.  We can create crowns from digital mapping files (ie Trios).

The benefits to you and your patient in using our services are simple when you consider our unique guarantee:

  • We guarantee delivery by the arranged date
  • We guarantee satisfactory colour matching
  • We guarantee first class quality
  • We guarantee the use of the finest materials
  • We guarantee all work for a lifetime


Alan Howkins


I started Alan Howkins Dental Ceramics back in 1983 having trained and qualified in London.

I decided to specialise in crown and bridge restorations at the time and we are still one of a few laboratories that deal solely in this area.

More than 20 years on, I still have a passion to achieve the best results possible with each and every job.  I have continued to take advantage of the technological advances within the field of dental ceramics which shows in our unparalleled craftsmanship with all aspects of implant work.   

All our work is produced ‘in house’ at our premises in Adelaide CBD using the finest materials and using the latest scanning/milling technology allowing us to produce exceptional results with fast turnaround times.

I particularly value the close working relationship I establish with each Dentist which ensures we achieve the desired results particularly in relation to shade taking where I use photographic records.

I have an ongoing commitment to education and technique advancement to ensure 3D Dental Design is always at the cutting edge of technology, delivering the finest craftsmanship possible.

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